Friday, March 28, 2008


Before becoming a parent, I wish I had known that the things that I fear myself would be magnified by a thousand percent or more for my children. I knew that having kids would open up a whole new world of fears and phobias, but I never realized how many nights they would keep me awake. It's so much more difficult to manage these anxieties when you know that, ultimately you have no control. I may stay out of the ocean because I'm scared of it, but I can't make my kids do the same. The loss of control makes things terrifying to the Nth degree.

Perhaps if I had realized this earlier I would have done some preemptive therapy!

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1 comment:

Crystal said...

I know just what you mean, my 20 month old has to have surgery on her eyes, for the second time......and it is so scary that when I think of it it makes me get sick!! I just think of leaving things in God's hands and if it is ment to be, then it will be. Plus God only gives us what we can handle!