Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happiness Runs...

That Baby CD and That Baby DVD came into our home via the Parent Bloggers Network. We are big music fans in this household, so I had high expectations. Luckily for me, these products lived up to my expectations.

I am a mother guilty of buying CD after CD for my kids in hopes of finding one that they love and I don't hate. I've found a few here and there that are ok, but most of them are still kids music through and through. The great thing about That Baby CD is that if you change the album art, it's a cover CD of great folk music any adult would buy. All of the music on the disc is right up my alley, and the performers, mostly by Stephanie Schneiderman and her sisters, are fantastic. She has a lovely voice, and the harmonies sent chills up my spine! I'm a little biased (I Will was our wedding song), but I think the song selection is awesome, too.

On to the That Baby DVD! In the past, Sam hasn't shown much interest in DVDs that simply have scenes set to music, but this one he really seemed to enjoy. Maybe it was all the kids featured in the video. While I find it a little creepy to watch kids lip syncing to Brass In Pocket by the Pretenders (a song I've always found bizarrely sexual) Sam L-O-V-E-D to watch it. And while I feel a little guilty admitting this, Lucy (my three month old) was quite content when I placed her in the bouncy seat in front of That Baby DVD while I made Sam dinner. The only small complaint I might have about That Baby DVD is that it has three less songs than the That Baby CD. Those three songs just happened to my favorites from the CD.

Overall I would give the That Baby CD and That Baby DVD a big thumbs up. I would buy the CD for just about anyone, kids or no! The DVD is fun, too, even though we don't watch much TV 'round these parts. And as an added bonus, moms and dads won't get annoyed when the songs get stuck in their heads!

Oh, and I almost forgot! Enter PBN for 20% off! at your checkout and receive 20% off your purchase price! Yay for coupons!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words, Amy Jo! A few comments...

1) I see Brass In Pocket as a wholly positive song, and it has emerged as one of the kids' favorites. Many people are confused by the heavy use of British slang in the song's lyrics. They're explained here:

2) As for the songs that are CD exclusives, chalk it up to licensing issues. We tried. :) All the more reason to get both the DVD and CD!

Thanks again for the kind words. I hope your readers enjoy it too.

Rob Wolf
Creator of That Baby DVD

rob wolf said...

Hi Amy Jo,

Hi Christina, the link to our product details page has now changed, and the page to which you were linking is no longer online. Can you please take a moment and redirect that page to the home page at Also, I think the image was pulling from that page as well and is now showing as broken. We have a brand new site that features the preview video on the home page. You can also find an image to use on the site.

Rob Wolf
That Baby DVD