Thursday, October 18, 2007

Warning! Not For Use By Idiots!

The previous owner of our house was kind enough to leave us a fire log in the fireplace.

Isn't he sweet? This is the type where you simply light the paper bag the log is contained in and then sit back and enjoy. However, the manufacturers want to make sure that you understand that by lighting this paper log on fire, you could be at risk of....starting a FIRE!

Really? Because it hadn't occurred to me that lighting a fire log could create a fire. Also, the flames on the bag don't really communicate 'fire' well enough. Luckily I have the fine makers of Pine Mountain Giant Size paper logs to set me straight.

Have you seen any ridonculous warning labels lately? The folks at Sick of Lawsuits and the Parent Bloggers Network are just dying to give away some cold hard plastic cash to the blogger who finds the best one by Friday! Get the details here! And get your cameras clicking!


super des said...

That's the best one I've seen in a while. Sadly I've started ignoring them because they are so numerous.

Arizaphale said...

What was it from Hitch Hiker's Guide? Ah yes, the instructions for toothpicks. Insert between teeth. Genius.

Daisy said...

Love it. One of my friends in maintenance used to use a mug that proclaimed, "I am a professional. Do not try this at home." It didn't say what he was doing, though. We had to guess. Drinking coffee?